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You know what, it was only about five years ago when I signed up to Facebook. I hated the idea of being online! I didn’t want people to find me and know all about me. I wanted to hide outside of the internet and thought I would forever…

I’m an introverted researcher and writer and I teach at university. I have anxiety from time to time. Getting in front of my uni students was enough visibility for me to deal with! I thought everything would be sweet to just stay hiding. In this digital age – what WAS I thinking?

But then, my desire to serve more people with my skills in writing, research, strategy, communications and business grew so big! I knew it wasn’t going to work to stay within my small immediate network to leave my stressful teaching job and support myself.

So I conducted a few experiments. I got myself a Facebook page – in another name. I got myself a Linkedin page – in yet another name. And I started to test out the language I would use to promote myself.

It felt WRONG! Talking about yourself is just plain uncomfortable… It’s not natural for an Australian to do so. But I was a writer, and I did know how to write copy, so I just pretended for a while, in this ongoing personal experiment, to see myself as a client. I wrote about myself with some distance.

Even though that writing was not 100% authentic to my story, boy did it have good results. Just from a few posts on LinkedIn, I was able to gain clients with a promotion I offered to review the messages on people’s websites. I made $650 from that and I told myself there must be something to this being seen online thing.

Needless to say, I grew in confidence with being online but I still didn’t have my real name any where. I started an editing and proofreading business and I called it Monk script. When I introduced myself people would say, “What?” I loved the story that I could tell about the meaning of that business name, but it really didn’t get me very far. And what I was noticing was that people liked to hire me, for me. They met me, got to know me, and then they wanted to work with me.

That’s when I began to think that maybe I should put myself out there a little more.

I’m really good at what I do. That’s still hard to say. I’ve been training in writing, English, the arts, government, not-for-profit, management, design, visual art, education, teaching AND business…not to mention research, for over ten years now. But none of that meant much if I wasn’t putting that “out there” attached to a real name.

People want to work with people. People want to know you. And that’s really scary for a perfectionist, introvert who wants to excel in business.

So here I am 4 years on from deciding I wanted a life in business and instead of hiding myself away and hoping that writing and editing jobs come my way; I’m now declaring: “I am Alex Christopher. I am a writer at heart. I know about communications and business. I can help you emerge from your chrysalis and BE SEEN to your wonderful audience. I will support you in your journey to grow into a confident business creature AND along the way, I will help you craft the message you can send to your tribe.”

Yep, I’m a Visibility Coach now. I am offering 6 people a place in a new program starting October, dedicated to helping business owners use their words to be visible and shine.

Why not complete this Visibility Quiz to prompt your thinking about how visible you are online.

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