Websites are a must for all businesses and professionals.

They are places where potential customers, clients and collaborators come to validate your offers, and they are a space where they can get to know who you are as a business person. They’re like ever-open shopfronts with people ready to learn all about you. 


If you don’t have a website and you are in business, you may in fact, be missing out on valuable, exciting and uplifting business opportunities!


But how hard are they to get going? Not only do you have to navigate complex web building systems and some coding, but you also need to determine what messages, words – and all that content – to make your website really sing the truly authentic song of your business. It takes time. It takes head space. And it takes being confident with words. 


Luckily, I can write a website’s words, develop graphics and messages, and also build you a website from scratch. And I love doing it!


A website build is one thing, knowing what words to add to the pages is another entirely. Many people get a web designer to create their site but then they have to write their own content. They do so with little know-how making their lovely-looking site fall flat with the reader. Paying attention to the WORDS on their site comes out second best. Having a site, having it function well, and having it READ WELL is so important to communicate, impart and affect someone to the point where they will hit “Add to Cart”, fill in your “Contact” form or sign up to your newsletter.


If the magical mirage on your vision board is where you could get both web copy written and a website built – all in one – well, that’s exactly what I offer. And I like to do it with a happy heart, a cup of chai and a some jazz music playing…


I am firstly a writer and editor – so I know how to string a sentence and make sure it’s without error. I am secondly someone who understands business and marketing so I can string a sentence that’s right for your market. I am thirdly an artist, so I know what design elements can be employed to reach your market visually.


I love to hear the story behind a business and to craft clear and effective words for heart-centred clients – just from having a conversation with them! I can make sure your wording is focused and aligned with your business goals and connecting to the type of people that you want to work with.


On top of all that, I can build website. So I am:

  • one part visual/creative
  • one part copy writer and wordsmith
  • one part marketing guru
  • one part digital wiz
  • another part picky Editoress
  • and altogether a cute package that can create a damn fine website for you!


So if you need a website, and in particular, one that has flawless messages and well crafted words, DO READ ON for information about my packages.


Option 1. Just the Words – $1397

You might have a designer creating you a swish looking website and branding package – but don’t let your website fail with copy that falls flat with your ideal client. You have so much to offer and I can help you get the words out!  I love working with other designers and web builders to co-create a website that’s rich and will connect with your people. So why not allow me to help you craft the best words for you on your online home.

This package does all the wordy bits – from scratch – for your website’s build.

Option 2. Website Makeover – $1397

You already have your website built and filled with random bits you added over time, but you did a rush job to begin with. NOW, you want to take your website to the next level – elevating its image with graphics and with the weighty punch of words that are right for you.

This package does all the wordy bits for your pre-existing website

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Option 3. Words & Build – $1997

You need a website to be built – and one that sings the song of your unique business with its words! 

This package writes the copy for your website and builds it!

Option 4. Words & Build + eBook opt-in – $2997

You need a website, you need to start building your mailing list and you want to craft a beautifully worded and designed eBook to offer to your communities.

This package is for those who truly want to kick-start their business in the online space. 

Option 5. Words & Build + eBook opt-in +++ – $9997

You want it all! You want a website, that’s got all the right words for your business and audience, you want an eBook opt-in written, you want automated emails written and scheduled to send to your growing list and you want some amazing blog posts to get you started! AND you want some help to continue using your website to its full potential. 




 Website Words & Build 


~ Consultation to figure out what's needed

~ Business visioning and voice branding worksheets

~ Review and report of current website

~ Research report of like-businesses for comparison

~ Website build on Wordpress - up to 10 pages with copy written

~ 3-5 graphics created including header

~ Connection to your social media platforms and mailing list platform

~ All About You - About page eWorkbook

~ Consultations on what photos to use on your site, how to increase your SEO over time using the right words and approaches AND a tutorial on how to update your new site saving you money in the long run!

Words & Build

+ eBook opt-in

+ Coaching for one month



~ Consultation to figure out what's needed

~ All of what is offered in the "Word & Build" Package PLUS (<< to the left)

~ 5-8 graphics created including header

~ Writing, Design and Set-up of a 20 page eBook (that can be used for your opt-in offer, or made into a sale-able item)

~ Consultation sessions on how to build your list AND how to use your social media platforms to drive people to your website

~ One month's support to see you use your website to its full potential.


{ The Works } Business Starter

Web Words & Web Build

+ Design

+ eBook opt-in

+ Autoresponders

+ Blog posts for SEO

+ Coaching for three months 

$ 9997


~ Consultation to figure out what's needed ~ All of what is offered in the "Words & Build + eBook opt-in" Package PLUS (<< to the left)

~ 6 autoresponder emails to your mailing list, using Mailchimp (Mailchimp set up included if required)

posts written or 10 blog posts edited and proofread, ready for publishing, including image/graphics advice. 

~ Three month's support to see you use your website to its full potential.


Testimonials /

“I tend to waffle with my words, I know the content I need to say, I just don’t know how to get my message across with the correct language so I got Alex to write my website for me. The website writing process allowed the real message I wanted to get across to my customers about my food and how and why I decided to start my business, to come through. Alex understood my concept straight away and believed in my products. With her questionnaire she gave me about website writing and in regards to my business, she was able to take on board the exact message I wanted to portray to my customers. I am happy with my website and will look to Alex for more assistance with keeping up the SEO by blogging and updating my website.”

Sally Vujica – The Feel Good Foodie Food Truck


“I am very happy with the new web words, thank you. I think there is a really nice flow to the website now and I’m looking forward to the next stage where I refresh the template and add professional photos. I’ve already received a couple of phone calls from people who seem to have sold themselves on our counselling services via the new wording in the About Us section!”

Alexandra Whitehead – Be Psyched