Visibility For the Virtually Shy and Non-Salesy Business Person

The final 7 reasons you’re not being seen online, reducing your capacity to connect with people and grow your business!

Which ones do you do? 


  1. You’re not aware of the importance of good graphics and videos. You hardly post images and graphics and never a video! You write short posts with links to another site or your website…


  1. You’re not sure about this SEO thing. If you have a website then, you’ve likely missed some opportunities to have Google find you.


  1. You’re not using hashtags. Or not strategically. You just post with some words and hope your current followers like it.


  1. Your personal photo is not being used. You use every other possible photo under the sun, just to hide your face away from the limelight…


  1. You do not have a website. You think a Facebook or Instagram page is enough!


  1. You do not have a mailing list. You think they’re hard to set up and you don’t want to annoy people.


  1. You’re scared to be successful. This is a big one that lurks at the bottom of all of these points. You avoid the facts of how to “do” content marketing, you go through some of the motions to appear to know what you’re doing, but you don’t want to put yourself in the limelight. It’s a bit freaky out there.

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