Visibility For the Virtually Shy and Non-Salesy Business Person

Here are the next 7 reasons you’re not being seen online.

These are the reasons your business is not attracting your dream clients. Visibility is required to draw people to you! We do that through content marketing, which requires great words.


  1. You’re (just plain) inconsistent. You post 5 things one week and one thing another month. Your followers can’t tell if you’re dedicated or not. The social media algorithms can’t tell either so they’re not sure whether to put you into people’s newsfeeds.


  1. You’re not connected with the right groups and networks. You’ve got your Facebook and Instagram page and you post to that semi-regularly, but you’re not seeing much engagement so it doesn’t feel like any one is watching you or interested in what you’re saying.


  1. You’re “too busy” in your every day work. Emailing, orders, making stuff and seeing people you think will sustain your business… so you don’t make yourself visible to new people!


  1. You don’t have a posting schedule or a system. So, you’re a bit all over the place with when you post, and once you have posted on your blog or Facebook page, you leave it at that!


  1. You think classic advertising still works. And you have a stab at Facebook ads ‘cause they make it look easy but the phone has not been ringing…


  1. You hold yourself back. You want to write a post, but you’re not sure if you sound good or silly, or if someone will make a nasty comment, or you might make a spelling mistake or you don’t want your ex to see you attempting to make a go of it…


  1. You’re not aware of the best time of day to post. You post whenever you feel you’ve been inspired and not when it’s best for your wanted audience.

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