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Are you lost in how to promote yourself?

Do you struggle to articulate what your business offers?

I bet you really want to make a go of your business. You have that income goal written in your business journal. It’s on your wall. It’s the figure you see when you go to bed at night.

You have all the skills, you have educated yourself over and over, you have read everything you can about having your own business BUT, you feel like a rogue in your field AND it’s hard to find the words to explain yourself.

You know you’ve got what it takes – it’s all in there – but you are still not 100% confident to promote yourself. You don’t know where to start and how to do it in the smartest possible way. Without being too SALESY.

You know it means social media and selfies and other things that make your palms sweaty. You’re willing to give it a crack but unsure what to do first.


  • you’re falling short of the money you’d like to make,
  • you constantly feel like you have to find new ways to have people sign up to your offerings,
  • you have to chase people to keep the opportunities rolling in,
  • and all this makes you feel so pressured that when you find yourself talking to a potential client all that comes out is a shaky sales-pitch that reads well on paper BUT YOU ARE NOT A PERFORMANCE KIND OF GIRL.

Being shy people in business, the ideal approach is to not have to chase and do sales-talk in every chance meeting. That gives us hives and anxiety.

We’d really like just to be quiet, good old us and have people feel naturally attracted to us and our message.

We want to make sales, but we don’t want to do ANY hard sells.

This may feel like a kind of magical fairyland, but I can show you a way there!

The secret that I’ve found, is to use just a couple of messages, simple words written in the way I speak to my pals, and to just share who I am. I’ve found that being myself and being relatable, that people naturally want to work with me.

I have found a way to be visible to my kind of person, to attract wonderful people that I am thrilled to do business with, simply by finding one or two key messages that I share regularly using my voice and stories.

It’s all about being you. No sales pitches.

I know what I have to say, I have a non-scary way of delivering it, and I have people coming to me.

For someone who likes to hide away most times, but still excel in business, this is MY HAPPY SELF PROMOTION SPACE.

There are too many loud people killing it in this world. What they’re saying or selling is not so great, but people go to them ’cause they appear confident.

I want to share my Visibility for Shy Entrepreneurs approach so that more quiet people can SHINE and win in business too.

Anja Letz from Immeryours after Visibility Coaching program:

“I really enjoyed my time and have learned SO MUCH. It made me more aware of my actions on social media and promoting what my business stands for.”

Want to work with me?

Schedule a 30 Min Strategy Session Now

Like I said, I work with business owners who feel shy about putting themselves out there and want to “sell” to people in a quiet way. Those who want to have clients chasing them and not the other way around.

I do this by focusing on writing and design, and social media and content marketing channels. I help business owners who do things different discover their promotional language.

I’m a warm and creative person, so you will get my unique perspective on your business, lots of feel-good support, AND, a (kindly) kick up the butt if you need it.

How it works

We can work together on a regular basis, over a period of three-twelve months to help you set up a strong content marketing strategy, infrastructure, and system.
This is a program for the virtually shy and non-salesy business person who know they need to do more with online marketing.
Content marketing is key to business now! And your business needs you to be clear and consistent with its messages. Visibility Coaching is one of the best ways to get you consistently, seen online, in your communities, and attracting nice customers to you!
Whether you struggle with how to describe yourself, ideas on what to write about, the writing itself, the editing, the online and tech know-how or something more so about your confidence, I can help you.
You can read more about me over on the Blog.  Just putting my real name out there took some time to achieve!
Publishing content regularly, that isn’t salesy, with your name and face shared in a way you’re comfortable with, keeps you connected with your audience.
Connection = people being aware of you, learning what you’re all about, increased sales and a happy YOU!
People love to see and hear from you! The Visibility Coaching program helps you to share with others.
The Visibility Coaching program – a six-month journey – will support you through the stages of knowing exactly what you’re all about, what to say, how to say it, how to publish it and everything in between. It’s a way for you to get into your content marketing rhythm with the support of a copywriter, editor, teacher and once shy and hiding business-lady.
We will draw from your story and unique approach, to build an online profile that you’re 100% confident with. Then you’ve set the stage for your ideal clients to come to you.

The program – what you get & how it works }

  • Support calls once per week and easy to achieve implementation plans
  • Continual review and feedback of your online messages and systems
  • Key Messaging Development to reveal your top 3 messages to send consistently (2 hours, one on one)
  • Business Visioning Worksheets
  • A copy of the Workbook All About You – advice on how to write about yourself online
  • And all the gentle prods and kicks up the butt you need to keep you motivated!

You’ll find your Content Marketing rhythm.

You’ll find what to say in your online promotions. 

You’ll be skilled up on this writing for business thing.

And we’ll ditch the demons that are holding you back from sharing yourself online. 

What we focus on  } 

Getting you and your business seen through:

  • Your website and SEO
  • Your content marketing suite
  • Consistent, strategic messages
  • Blog posts
  • eNewsletters
  • Social media posts – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • Imagery and visual communication
  • Mailing list development
  • And getting all of the above set up properly.

Extras  } 

  • Design and graphics support
  • Editing and proofreading support
  • Technical support – uploading and scheduling on your behalf!

Invest in your business, get the spurt of energy you need to create excellent and effective content, and feel really good while doing it!

Check out some stories about my current Visibility Coaching clients and how I work with them to increase their sales and market awareness.

Defined Coffee & Go Swedish & Spark Movement Studio & Imogen Rogers Artist

I limit my coaching clients to 5 only so that we create a lovely small, supportive group. 


Who you are working with  }  

That would be me, Alex Christopher! You can read more about me here.

Here’s my story about becoming comfortable with being visible. It was a slow process but it’s been WORTH IT.

I now have freedom in my life and in my business.

I have a team of supporters to help you too!

Get Started with Visibility Coaching  }

Step 1 – Schedule a 30 Min Strategy Session Now

Step 2 – Sign up to the Visibility Coaching and receive an Initial Orientation Package

Step 4 – Start becoming Visible with the weekly tasks we create for you!


Testimony – from Dianne Elson, Rest Assured Nth QLD

“I am so happy that I came across Alex. I had been struggling with my business for over 12 months. I knew what I wanted to do but didn’t know how to do it or where to start. Stuck is the word I would use to describe where I was at. One of my biggest problems was not understanding who my ideal client was and what my message was. One of the highlights of working with Alex was when we sat down together and did a 2hr brain storming session on my business, my clients, my products, my message.
I walked away from that session knowing my key messages and plan for the next 12 months. It was invaluable and really gave me focus and clarity.”

Dianne Elson – Rest Assured Nth QLD