Working with Go Swedish is a little bit like being a kid in a candy shop for me. As a child who always loved art and design, who would draw plans to redecorate every room she ever went into, I now get to ogle all the gorgeous things IKEA has to offer, alongside a design savvy and socially-minded business woman, Sandra Croaker.
Sandra started Go Swedish to make IKEA design more accessible to North Queensland families, businesses, and organisations. Her service helps people choose the best IKEA product for their needs, and then coordinates the shipping of the items “up north” from the capital cities to her drop-off and pick-up warehouses in regional Queensland. After some fast growth, the business has drop-off and pick-up warehouses in Mackay, Townsville, and Cairns.

The opportunity

Sandra and I met at yoga, and she shared with me her desire to be more consistent in sending newsletters to her mailing list. And maybe blog some more. Go Swedish had a well-established list that wasn’t being well utilised and a blog page that hadn’t been updated for a while. {   Sound familiar? 🙂   }
After a productive Key Message Workshop, Sandra and I now catch up once a month to work on a campaign that spans four weeks. Essentially, we have one topic or message per campaign, and we stick with it in all content writing for consistency and clarity.

The process

The Go Swedish campaigns are guided by the plan created in the Key Message Workshop. I create some graphics to spark the campaign’s aesthetic and message, draft some blog post ideas, upload that info to our Shared Folder, and then we get together for a coffee and chat.
Here, we tease out the campaign’s message, go deeper into the blog posts’ content and then Sandra goes off to write them entirely. She then sends them back to me to edit and proofread, and I prep a MailChimp eNewsletter to feature the blog posts.
Sandra publishes the final version of the blog posts, and I link the blog posts to the newsletter. I then hit send to her 600+ mail recipients! And watch the statistics of opens and clicks. Meanwhile, Sandra has scheduled the graphics I’d created to her Facebook page, spanning the following 4 weeks. This reiterates the message of the blog posts and eNewsletter previously published.

The results?

Sandra is now consistently engaged with her communities; she is busy with orders, and she’s getting plenty of hits on her website increasing her SEO. Go Swedish has now written six blog posts, four newsletters and posted around 30-35 times on Facebook all within four months. That’s WAY more than Sandra was able to achieve working on her own. Sandra is now consistently being visible to her followers. There’s even talk of opening up another drop-off point in another state, to accommodate the building demand. Sandra says she loves that she’s connecting with her business and her clients by writing about things that relate to her brand.

The creme-de-la-creme

But all of this fun, design, coffee and success are not the only reasons I love working with Sandra. Sandra is a social worker and is actively exploring more ways her business can promote ideas about sustainability in all facets of the word: economic, ecological and social. Sandra is finding unique approaches to engendering a more conscious way of living, where a connection with ourselves, family and our community is strengthened.
This philosophy is the foundation of her work with Go Swedish. On the one hand, she may simply help people buy IKEA products, but there’s more to it. She loves that good design can facilitate togetherness and that IKEA stands for accessibility and democracy. Sandra just told me today, “I don’t care if people don’t buy from me, but I hope they’re inspired to live better.”
Sandra’s message is bigger than the products she helps sell and freight; she’s not afraid to use her words and thinking to share a greater message. Sandra just needed me to help her focus and refine what she communicates, and to offer some motivation to do so on a regular basis. Go Swedish needed a process for Sandra’s ideas to flow through.
All of the principles and goals of Go Swedish makes supporting its content writing that much more dynamic, exciting and worthwhile.
Love your work, Sandra from Go Swedish! Thanks for partnering with me to get your message out there and more visible. You’re changing thinking one blog article and IKEA order at a time.

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