I’ve been working with Defined Coffee to get them more noticeable in their local area.

Defined Coffee is a great little café within a set of shops on a crossroad, just around the corner from where I live. I’d driven passed Defined Coffee on some occasions to get to my work at the university, but I’d never thought to stop in.

One day I went for a walk specifically to check it out. I had a strong inkling to go there.

Defined Coffee is run by former cabinet-maker, Graham Price, and his mum – a social worker by day – Heather.

I headed through the sliding door to get my long black but first up I was blown away by the funky industrial interiors. Metal pipes and lights made from old factory parts. Little curiosities everywhere.

And the people! The service was friendly! They wanted to have a conversation with me, and I didn’t feel rushed. The coffee and the experience hit the spot. So it became my regular coffee place.

Graham and Heather approached me like most business owners. Tired from being busy from everyday operations; knowing they needed to do more to promote themselves but unsure how to go about it, concerned they could pay too much for promotional help and advertising.

The shop was in a state of transition with staff and rental arrangements, and as such, there were a few extra challenges to overcome. So we engaged in an arrangement where I supported the business with coaching sessions and also by developing a social media strategy to consistently post and remain connected with their 840 Facebook friends and followers.

Once a month, I have a sit down to chat with Heather and Graham (with a fabulous coffee, of course!). We tease out some ideas to improve the business; they get to download their stresses, and together we look for solutions and ways through some of the issues that emerge. And some of the great ideas they have.

I also support them to create a particular online campaign each month, with a clear and simple message and 5-10 graphics to go with it. AKA good, clear, image driven Facebook posts.

The results have been excellent – even after a few months. Their Facebook posts, which were getting a bit repetitive and always used sourced graphics that weren’t as authentic as their own, were getting about 4-6 likes and limited viewership (around 20) and reach. With the posts that I’ve helped them create, we’ve reignited a passion in their followers, and each post gets triple the likes, even some comments, a few shares; with a viewership of 200-800 and reach of much more. There’s diversity in their posting content now and every image or video is authentic, 90% of images are branded with their logo, and are professionally written and consistent.

The first campaign we did featured Graham. And lots of photos of him! He didn’t much like that, but boy did we get a good response! When you go to Defined Coffee, you go there for your coffee hit, but you also go there for a quick chat with Graham and the staff…I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t putting himself “out there” seeing though that is a massive element of the shop’s appeal. He was a true champ and let me post about 12 images with his mug on it (pardon the pun), and lo and behold everyone loved them.

When you’re a local business, the people in the business are a major selling point.

Defined Coffee is also consistently getting more and more page likes as they post more authentic content for themselves, and more and more people are coming through the doors. So it’s working! And it’s all been for very little investment. Six months of working with me will be equal to just two print ads…and we know where that industry is going…

Together, Defined Coffee and I have also made some plans for how the coffee shop can be more visible in the local community through a Writer’s Residency Program and a Connect with Charity or Local community group plan. These guys are community development workers at heart. They know the potential a place can have to bring people together, and Heather’s social work background gives greater scope to that aim of creating a community for the greater good.

We’re thinking outside the box for ways to be seen by their audience – both online and in person. Stuff that means something, and they truly care about. In the process of doing it, I am seeing that Graham and Heather are growing too. The best part for me is seeing Graham and Heather’s posts (which they create of their own bat) are doing so well! By re-engaging their audience and from just having a go at posting “real stuff”, they’re learning as they go and reaping the benefits. There’s never an encounter where we’re not smiling or laughing – and it’s not just from the good drug of coffee.

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