Imogen Rogers is an artist and educator based in Townsville and we recently worked together to boost her website as a platform for selling her vibrant works.

We had five Visibility Coaching sessions together and worked initially on the website she’d already started building, and we progressed to figuring out how to draw people to her website, via communities on as many social media platforms as possible.

Imogen now has a fully functioning shopfront on her site – selling her original canvasses as well as print works!

One of the challenges we had was that Imogen wanted to start selling her works, but to not come across as a canvas-making machine. We wanted to communicate that each work of art has meaning, and is an expression of a deep thinking and dedicated visual artist. Each work is unique and special. It’s more than just a decoration in a lounge room.

To do that, Imogen made the effort to write an artist statement for EVERY single work she put up online, which was a feat! As an artist, it is hard to write about your own work as it often flows out of us at a subconscious level. Especially, when it’s a spiritual based art making process, which Imogen’s works follows.

Once all the content was up on the site – including a few blog posts – we focused on where we could link Imogen’s website page and how.

So we learnt how to post blog posts onto Instagram, what kind of system flow you can have once a blog post is created for efficiency, and how to schedule posts in one go. But the best and most easy thing that Imogen is now doing, is not in writing more content every week. Imogen is using one artwork as the feature work for that week.

Using content that’s already on her site, that is directly promoting her product, Imogen is choosing one work to link on her Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google + pages per week. This way, she is making good use of the efforts she put in when setting up her site, and getting those gorgeous artwork graphics and artist statements out into the universe.

One thing we can all learn from Imogen is that standard product or page content can be easy avenues to promote your business – even if you’re not an artist.

Everyone has a website with a number of pages on it already. Why not post one of your home, about, services and product pages every week? You could even schedule them in advance in one go so that you don’t have to think about it every week. There could even be blog posts that you can post regularly – and at different times to maximise the reach of the link. There are plenty of apps that can help you do this even more efficiently, such as Smart Queue, which I will be playing with this week.

So use the content already on your site, and link it across all the platforms you’re aware of and using. You’ll be driving traffic to your site – to the main thing you want people to read!

Check out Imogen’s work here!

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