I’m a self-confessed introvert and I think you all know that. I’m trying to get to the bottom of that and my “shyness” in a book I’ve been writing slowly. The process of writing this manuscript has been very therapeutic and I have to say, revealing! Writing has a way of showing you what you need to see…

If I had my way, my perfect weekend would be with books, movies, cooking and hanging out with my cat and chickens. But that really won’t bring me clients, business or money in my bank account – unfortunately!

I’ve found after being in business 5 years now (can’t believe it’s been that long!), that a lot of business owners are not putting themselves out there because they are scared. It’s why I’ve been doing a lot of work on “Facing Fears” lately.

The top 3 things Introverts or Shy people in Business hate are:
  1. Videos especially FB Lives.
  2. Selfies and personal stories.
  3. Basically, anything that looks like self-promotion and selling.

There’s always this voice in their heads of not being good enough, not knowing what to say exactly, and not sure how to do business without “selling” or coming across too over the top.

It results in people avoiding things; and making up excuses. Avoiding writing their Bio or avoiding writing that email somebody asked for… Or, as a result of feeling uncomfortable, they say they’re not good at writing. Not good at XYZ as a way of getting out of it – even though they know it’s important.

I’ve had to push through these fears and silly self-mind games as well (I’m still getting there). The way I did that was hiring a coach to guide me, hear my fears, and move me along. Sharing with my coach and the group I was in, I got sick of the sound of my own voice talking about the things I was avoiding and magically one day I was able to go a few steps towards the goals I had. Probably ’cause I just couldn’t complain any more!

Without a mentor, I was stuck and stuck in my own introverted mind whirl.

If you’re the same, I’d love to hear from you.  Simply email me with your availability and we can schedule a time to chat. Or complete this form. Or write to me, ’cause I love getting emails from the heart.

My coach helped me to take control of how to put myself out there in a way that pushed me past my comfort zones and got me to where I wanted to be.

Now I feel like I have tackled the silly mind whirl of excuses, and have the power to say what I want to say in a way that is authentic and reaches wonderful people that I want to work with. I can do self-promotion now. And it’s not so bad.

In fact, I created Visibility Coaching to help people with the self-promotion blues – and I’ve got an amazing group of clients who are facing their fears and taking control of their self-promotion in a way that makes them feel good.

I’ve got a few spaces in my online Visibility Coaching program and I would love to talk to you to see where you are, what’s holding you back, and how I can help you.

You can book a call with me simply by hitting reply or clicking here.

It wasn’t that long ago I felt alone, confused and not sure how to get past my limitations while remaining authentic.

Let’s talk about how you can so you don’t remain stuck like I was.


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