Oh words at Christmas time. Writing greeting cards and the like.

Those grammar geeks are always banging on about the little things.

I giggle at myself every (concentrate) Christmas season.



I wonder how many times we all pen, type or text “Merry Christmas” at this time of year.


Now you see I chortle at myself around now for this reason – my surname is Christopher and I am sooooo used to typing “Christopher” (I’m sure you can appreciate), that just about every season’s greeting card ends up looking like this,


“Merry Christopher!!”


Bother. Not quite right….


It looks rather messy on a handwritten Christmas card to scratch out the “opher” and add a “mas”….


For a while there I went through far too many Christmas cards, having to discard the wayward ones; to the point where I would pencil the message first and then go over it with pen, once I had it JUST RIGHT. So much concentration.


“C’mon Alexandra! It’s not that hard!”


And then one year, I thought, nope. It’s just going to be “Merry Christopher” or a rather messy “Merry Christ/opher/mas”.


Clearly I blame my father for this holiday writing impediment (whose card, by the way, arrived for me this week – annoyingly correct with no scratch outs).


So everyone….


Merry Christ/opher/mas to you and your family. Good tidings for a prosperous new year.


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