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Townsville City Council

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

James Cook University

Australian Publishers Association

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Denise Axelsen Artisan Blacksmith / Visibility Coaching

Spark Movement Studio / Key Message Workshop & Visibility coaching

Defined Coffee / Key Message Workshop & Visibility coaching

Go Swedish / Key Message Workshop & Visibility coaching

Trini Yoga / Key Message Workshop & Visibility coaching

Realising Possibilities / Key Message Workshop & Visibility coaching

Helping Hands /

Vetta Productions /

Bower Bird Jewellery / Visibility Coaching

Hotch Potch Data Management / Visibility Coaching

Rest Assure Nth Qld / Visibility Coaching


Live and Breathe Yoga / JUST THE WORDS, eNewsletters and email management

Centrepoint Acupuncture / Web copy and Build

Studio Exsto / Elle Roberts / Web copy review

Realising Possibilities / Web build (no hosting)

Spark Movement Studio / Key Message Workshop & Visibility coaching, Website Shake-up and Landing page development

Reiki by Naomi & Nature’s Eight / Web Copy & Build

Dianne Purnell Photography / Website Shake-up

WasteToWonder / Webcopy development

SGS Consultants / website review

Belly Bottoms / website review

Slimland  / Welcome package and website review

Verve Design / blog writing support

Rosana Kersh Photography / blog post writing through interview

Renegade Handmade Market / video and communications campaign development

Townsville Artists Digital Storytelling Project / creative director

Dr Jeff Donner / Manuscript development ‘The Boundaries of Hell’

C. NEILAND / Autobiography development

K. LANDT / Ph.D. Thesis copyediting

Imprint Magazine article writing – Compact Prints

Imprint Magazine article writing – Glide

Katya Venter / ‘Between Birthdays and Deathdays’ / Masters Thesis

Neil Binnie / ‘Open green space versus perpetual expansion of the urban landscape’ / Honours application Creative arts

Eileen Larsen / Honours Thesis Final edits / Creative arts

Chris Rockemer / Honours Thesis / Economics

Azeem Shah – Ph.D. Thesis / Economics



Continuing the Kororo – Tusk Emergent Culture

A partnership with wilderness beasts – Museums Australasia Conference 2016 – Auckland

On the level – Tusk Emergent Culture

Integrate to transmit : Review of touring Art+Science exhibition Emergence, Realtime Arts, 23 March 2016

Immanence and Distortions Merge, Artgaze Magazine, 22 February 2016.


Setting the Foundation from Within : Phenomenology and Museum Staff Perspectives, Access is a Human Right, FIHRM Conference, Te Papa Museum, Wellington, September 2015

Curator’s Exhibition Catalogue Foreward, Plus One Exhibition, Umbrella Studio – 14 August-20 September 2015

Adventurous spirits and new paradigms: printmaking and multi-arts (Glide Review), IMPRINT Printmaking  Journal of Australia, Winter 2015, Volume 51.

5 Things Learned at Yoga Bones, Goa, Live and Breathe Yoga Blog, February 2015


An Aura of Connectivity (Compact Prints Review), IMPRINT Printmaking Journal of Australia,

Summer 2014, Volume 49, Number 4, page 10.

Graphique exhibition #2 Curator’s Catalogue Foreward, School of Arts Theatre, Townsville, April 2014

Compact Prints, Exhibition Catalogue Foreward, Umbrella Studio, 2014

Tomorrow’s Art Museum and Gallery Workforce in Australia – Ph.D. Confirmation paper, 2014

Graphique exhibition #1 Curator’s Catalogue Foreward, eMerge Gallery, April 2014


Social Bloomers – Mayhem Magazine Issue 11, 2012

Various articles in Artgaze Magazine Summer edition 2011-2012 (Issue Editor)


Ho-sing Tung, Art Gaze Magazine, Autumn 2011

Politically pointed curatorial practice – Master’s Thesis, UNSW/COFA Library, 2010

A new twist in female art? Artefact online magazine, 2009

Art About Community: the finale of the RMC Art Prize, Northern District Times, 17 September 2008

Newtown artists feature in Art Prize exhibition, Inner West Courier, 24 September 2008

Church gives a fig – Insights Magazine, 2008

Exhibition depression, Islam at AGNSW – Skanky Jane’s Bargain Box, 2007

Lee Gobbitt’s new work, Breewood Gallery Review – Hawkesbury Gazette, 11 October 2006

Laura Jones, Sassafras Creek Review – Hawkesbury Gazette, 15 November 2006