Recently Monk script helped Reiki by Naomi reinvigorate their online home. The Website Shake Up sessions are designed to not only update the words in your website, often into simple messages; but also to artfully align those clear messages with the broader vision and goals of the business.


                                Before                                                                and After

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:: One of the best things about doing Monk script Website Shake Ups is that I get to learn about really inspiring businesses and interesting practices. ::

I knew very little about what Reiki is and after spending some time with Reiki and budding natural health practitioner, Naomi Futuna, I am a convert to the little-understood relaxation and natural healing method.
In order to help improve the writing on Reiki by Naomi’s website, I was given two reiki sessions. (I do love the perks of my job!) With these and Naomi’s clear articulation, I learned that reiki is a traditional Japanese relaxation technique where the practitioner lays their hands on you at certain points on the body, while you get to unwind and drink in the energy being transferred to you from the universe through the reiki practitioner’s hands. After the first 30 minute session, I was on cloud nine and floated my way home. Reiki is truly relaxing. (Lucky we dealt with the website session first, or it would not have worked.)
Everyone loves a good massage and chat, and Reiki by Naomi services kind of feel like that. We got to dialogue about what areas of my life I was seeking relaxation in, and Naomi’s insight and skills translated to a truly blissful, non-invasive pampering.

I’m so glad I opted-in for the reiki ‘education session’ 🙂

But what can we learn about website writing?
Naomi, like a lot of us early on in small business, built her own website using a pre-made template and platform. She did such a great job and really, what she had crafted would have serviced her business for a while. But things can always be improved with some perspective, support and insight.


Where a lot of us fall down with website copy writing, is that you are so connected to what your business offers, that you can’t see things from the potential client or customer’s point of view. Your website communication then tends to fail to reach those that may really need or want what you are offering.

With most of my clients I discuss with them who their ideal client is, and what one simple message you can send them could be. Being that the benefits of Reiki are relatively unknown by the broader public, the idea was to keep the message in her new-look website modest and quickly understood by her key target audience – busy, professional and family-oriented women living in a very specific area of Townsville, Queensland.
We reduced quite a number of messages that Naomi had drafted down to one, all linking to her three signature products. The simple message was: Reiki by Naomi relaxes, calms and resets.
Other things that Naomi got out of the Website Shake Up include support to think about what her business’s overarching goals are, and mapping the language in her website to that, while also aligning it to her personal and business values. Chucked in for free – because she served me chai tea, fresh juice and avocado on toast – was some website design support, design ideas for her logo and branding, and also some planning sheets for her ongoing social media content.

Naomi and I had many giggles along the Website Shake Up journey. Writing, editing and proofreading can be illuminating and relaxing too – with Monk script, at least.

The take home message with this post about website copy writing is (besides reiki is relaxing)

suss who you’re speaking to, understand them as much as possible, and offer a couple of very specific messages specifically with them in mind.

“Thank you so much Alex of Monk script for all your hard work, patience and support. I had no idea how to build a website for my clients and you helped develop my goals, identify my clients and see the big picture of what could be achieved. Not only did you guide me on how to build a great website but you taught me so much more about how to develop my business. I have learnt skills that I will take with me and I am very grateful. I highly recommend this service to any small business. Thanks again!”

Feedback about Reiki by Naomi’s website:


“Well done you two. Your website is really peaceful to go through, soft colours and wise information xx” – Mae Casey

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