Many of you would know that Chai and Blogging just seems to go together in my opinion… There’s something about the sweet and earthly smells that carry from the pot, in through our nostrils, stimulating the synapses and opening ideas up, that seems to spark some writing magic.

I’ve been asked for my Chai recipe on a few occasions so here it is!

Top Tip: If you make sure you steep it with a happy heart, it’s bound to help the words you need to write flow out onto the page or screen. Breathe it in, take a sip, say “aargghhh” and all will be well.


Alex’s Chai recipe – for two

Assam Tea leaves – three heaped teaspoons

Fresh ginger – grated – 2 tablespoons at least!

Cardamom – 4-6 pods slightly squashed

Fennel Seeds – a good fat pinch

Black peppercorn – about 5 and a little pounded if possible

Cinnamon bark – About a 2cm long stick

Cloves – at least 5

Water – enough!

Coconut sugar

Wholesome full cream milk


Near boil at least four cups of water in a pot on the stove and add all the spices. Reduce to a gentle simmer for at least fifteen minutes.


Add one and a half teaspoons of the assam tea leaves. Leave to simmer for another 10 minutes. Add the remaining tea leaves and some milk should you like to include it. Leave to simmer for another 5 minutes at least.


Add coconut sugar and (further) milk to taste.

Serve in beautiful cups and get settled in to sort your blogging out.

Nourishing and yum… Enjoy! xx


Chai me a river…

Alex Christopher copy writing townsville

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