Last week I finally did something that I had been avoiding. I got my ute’s muffler fixed.

Can you believe, I let this stew unactioned for THREE months!?

Not exactly Ursula. Close though.

My ute is completely practical and I love it. Her name is Ursula. But one day I was driving along and I heard a terrible scraping sound. Luckily, I was on a service road and was able to pull over.

The muffler was detached from the drum and sitting at a weird angle on the road – looking like a badly broken arm. Miraculously, with no clue about how to do a thing when it comes to cars, I was able to refit the muffler to get it home. Yes, I did that thing where you lay on the road and look up into the guts of a vehicle. I got a mechanically-minded friend to tape it up later and I thought, “Yes, that’ll keep me on the move until I can get to the workshop.”

But…. True to form when something is difficult, I put off getting my muffler fixed.

And so, after all the jiggling around for a month or so, the muffler fell off again! This time, on my way to a good friend’s birthday lunch. There I was on the side of the road again, retying the muffler to another part of Ursula’s undercarriage.

The tying AGAIN bought me more avoiding time….. this time about another 6 weeks.

All the while I was driving around, knowing that I may ruin my car. Knowing that I needed to get it fixed. Potentially causing harm to someone else. And on top of that, all I while I was having aaaallll of these strange messages in my head about why it was a good idea to put it off.

“It will cost of a lot of money to fix. Make sure you don’t get ripped off.”

“It will take a while to get sorted. You don’t have time for that!”

“You will have to deal with nasty male mechanics. Remember how that turned out last time?”

All these silly lines in my head convinced me to avoid getting the damn muffler fixed. And the more I put it off, the more guilt, worry and lack of freedom I felt. The avoiding ate at me.

Finally, in a spare window in my calendar, I decided to take the first step. I called a Muffler Man.

He wasn’t rude. He was very helpful. We had a 1 minute conversation where at the end he said, “Well, bring her in…”

This time, I was tired of my own excuses and so I did as he indicated. I drove a grand total of 3 mins around the corner. Waited about 5 mins and was offered a coffee. No one was rude to me. No one made lude jokes. No one laughed when I said my muffler had fallen off. Ursula was driven onto the racks and then lifted. The man inspected it and I waited for bad news about the cost of repairs. “Yep, no worries, that’ll just be a quick weld, that’ll be $20. It’ll be done in five minutes.”

I was gobsmacked. What a fool I had been!

Avoiding something for twelve weeks, when the solution was around the corner and dealt with in minutes and with pocket money!!??I had aaallll that angst, for something that if I was willing to FACE, would have been an easy fix.

Avoiding is something that I do in a few areas of my life.

What about you?
What are you avoiding that could be causing you angst but solved if you simply picked up the phone?

Do you avoid writing some things for your business?

Your website? Some blog posts? A newsletter? An opt-in eBook?

Writing is a skill, just like anything and if we don’t like writing, then we tend to avoid it. The problem is, the words on your website (or lack thereof) are what engage people and ultimately turn them into paying customers.

So if writing isn’t your thing, I can help. The key to a successful business is to use your strengths — to do what you are good at — and outsource your weaknesses (or just things you don’t like or don’t want to do).

If writing is an area of weakness and therefore where you avoid things, pretty please give me a call! Not just because I will likely make your writing task as easy as A-B-C, like the nice muffler man, BUT my prices are going up at the end of this month…

ALSO, I KNOW you want to write that thing and get it off your list! Allow me to help you.

We can have a coffee and chat about what you need. If we do that and sign you up before June 30, I will honour this year’s prices. Let me help you 🙂 writin


What Writing Are You Avoiding?


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