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The first person to sign up to the $65 Website Review was Kelvin from SGS Consultants in Townsville. Kelvin opted for a one hour consultation to start a conversation about how his website could be improved, knowing that it wasn’t quite reflecting he and his business and perhaps falling flat with his clients. Usually I work with creative artists and wellness based small business owners so it was refreshing to work with someone with a science and mining background.


Here’s some of what our discussion uncovered that might apply to you as well.


As a bit of background, and this happens a bit, the SGS website’s wording was brought over from a previous business that had quite a different make-up. This previous business was in another state, with a number of different staff and hadn’t been in operation for three years. So essentially, Kelvin was identifying that his website wasn’t really his at all; and it was time for him to make the website his own. My job was to guide Kelvin to find a more authentic flavour for his site; with an action plan on how to make the website more about his style of groundwater specialist services, reflecting who he is and what he specifically offers now the business has taken shape in north Queensland and grown under his leadership.


This is an important reminder to all of us: how long has it been since you’ve reviewed your website? And is there any wording or images on there that aren’t as authentic as they could be? Are you communicating what your business offers NOW, not when you first started? It’s funny how things can change in your business and you don’t really notice it, such is the eclipse of the slow passage of time.


One of the areas where I was able to help Kelvin was with pitching to two audiences with his website’s writing. And my suggestion was really simple.


As a geologist, Kelvin’s website needs to communicate the professional standard expected of a qualified and experienced scientist. This can often mean bland and disengaging writing for the average reader and was something that Kelvin had noticed about his copy. He felt it wasn’t truly reflecting the friendly yet detailed approach he is proud of.


We identified that the scientific writing from the previous website was good and it served an important purpose – to share that his services are professional and highly specialised. These paragraphs also used wording that resonate with some of his key client bases. Essentially, it was good to stay.


But it isn’t just Kelvin’s scientific and highly specialised language that translates into winning projects; it is when people actually get to chat with Kelvin, ask him questions and get to know him a little better that projects open up to him. So we decided it was worth trying to share a little of Kelvin’s sociable demeanour, offering a hint at someone who can articulate complex things in detail to a client, but in an easy to understand way.


So the plan is to write a couple of extra paragraphs for the About Us page, to share the friendly human behind the hard-core professional geo-scientist. In a nut shell, to keep things simple, the About Us page will start with the science language and segue into a conversational tone – offering the two best things about the SGS Consultants’ service: professionalism and a human.


There was so much more that Kelvin and I chatted about with his website. Other things included: transitioning to a website platform that allows you to update your own content, tiered key clients and what they want to hear, developing a portfolio or projects based blog, adding more description to products and services pages and so much more!


An hour of chatting about your website really can give you much perspective and practical advice to work from.

Great to work with you Kelvin and looking forward to reading your new less-science-y paragraphs soon.




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