A workbook to help you write your website’s About page – Available on Amazon – @ $4.00

All About You is an eBook to help you write your website’s About page. You know, that pesky thing you’ve been putting off because it’s too hard and icky?

Soooooo many people struggle to write website content that is about themselves. This downloadable aims to tap into why that’s the case; and further, takes you through some practical advice to get something for your About page written and then refined.

All About You steps you through a series of activities to assist you to figure out what you want to say about you and how you want to say it.

Feedback from All About You indicates that it’s not just a workbook that helps with writing an About page, but one that helps tap into the very essence of why you’re in business. Frequently, this is the reason one cannot write their website copy – it’s because clarity has yet to be found.

All About You is a triple whammy. It unearths truths about yourself, points to important aspects of the ‘you’ in your business, and also aims to highlight how to write about yourself with integrity and confidence.