Website Words

“I am very happy with the new web words, thank you. I think there is a really nice flow to the website now and I’m looking forward to the next stage where I refresh the template and add professional photos. I’ve already received a couple of phone calls from people who seem to have sold themselves on our counselling services via the new wording in the About Us section!”

Alexandra Whitehead – Be Psyched 

“I tend to waffle with my words, I know the content I need to say, I just don’t know how to get my message across with the correct language so I got Alex to write my website for me. The website writing process allowed the real message I wanted to get across to my customers about my food and how and why I decided to start my business, to come through. Alex understood my concept straight away and believed in my products. With her questionnaire she gave me about website writing and in regards to my business, she was able to take on board the exact message I wanted to portray to my customers. I am happy with my website and will look to Alex for more assistance with keeping up the SEO by blogging and updating my website.”

Sally Vujica – The Feel Good Foodie Food Truck

“Alex provided a thorough and fresh perspective of my website and a very detailed, written and verbal report.”

~ Carolyn, Belly Button Designs.

“Working with Alex made my life so much easier. I knew the message I wanted to get across but it kept falling flat. Alex took my ideas and made them sing.”

~ Elle Roberts, Business and Creativity Coach


Visibility Coaching

“I am so happy that I came across Alex. I had been struggling with my business for over 12 months. I knew what I wanted to do but didn’t know how to do it or where to start. Stuck is the word I would use to describe where I was at. One of my biggest problems was not understanding who my ideal client was and what my message was. One of the highlights of working with Alex was when we sat down together and did a 2hr brain storming session on my business, my clients, my products, my message.
I walked away from that session knowing my key messages and plan for the next 12 months. It was invaluable and really gave me focus and clarity.”

Dianne Elson – Rest Assured Nth QLD 

General writing projects

Alex asked many relevant questions to prompt thinking in other directions or focus ideas. She provided feedback that included suggestions / further questions that really developed my application.

~ Neil, Visual Artist.

Alex’s help with Email management has been fantastic.  Getting all my lists in tip top shape so that when I need to send out a newsletter it’s such a quick and easy process.  Having her guidance with Setting up newsletter templates was also a wonderful help.  She’s Basically amazing at everything with Mailchimp!  Also, assistance with writing of procedures has been excellent to get an order to all that I do so that I can one day clone myself. Alex is great at taking a task (however vague the request) and running with it with very little direction. I know that she will come back with not just the basics of the task but much more than I could ever have achieved or even thought of on my own.  Her ability to keep me on track but also come up with new ideas is fabulous! I just wish I could have you work for me full time!

~ Allison, Yoga Studio Owner, Live and Breathe Yoga

Reliability, professionalism and understanding. I felt incredibly comfortable working with Alex.

~ Karen, Visual Artist and Ph.D. student

Social Media Writing Assistance 

We particularly want to express that Alex’s work assisting us with using social media to promote our shop and its fair trade products was greatly appreciated. The feedback which I received from the other participants in the Social Butterfly sessions was extremely positive, and we all think Alex isa wonderful presenter and communicator! Some of the strengths which were mentioned were that the sessions were very well planned and organised, and successfully engaged participants of various ages and background knowledge. We left the sessions with a greater understanding of social media and the ways in which it may be utilised to meet our goals. We put our training into practice with the latest pop-up shop and the results have been really encouraging! We believe that more people found their way to the shop through social media than by any other method of advertising. The broad planning or conceptual approach created a valuable framework, and with the aid of the sheets which Alex prepared for us, I am starting on a plan for this year’s pop-up shop. I think the interest in social media in our group will grow especially as we continue to get feedback about its effectiveness, and hopefully we will attract more volunteers in the future who have an interest in this area.

~ Sue, Not for Profit Townsville World Vision Community Group