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Alex Christopher didn’t pass English at High School!


And now she’s a Copywriter, Editor, and Coach. 

And she’s spent more time trying to hide online than actually being found…thanks to a long-held case of introversion and associated small panic attacks about being “good enough” and “out there.”

But something happened.

She had always identified as a writer, even though English at school made her feel squished into a box.

And try as she may to stay unnoticed in the advent of digital culture, her desire to live a life away from stifling rules, and working for ghastly bureaucratic institutions, she made herself be known. A little. Step by step.

Over time, she let herself be seen online by using her own name, showing her picture, and writing with conviction using her own damn voice. Even if it wasn’t “up to scratch.” And now, her writing and support of others to write in business is how she makes a living. How’s that for character development?

Alex wants to work with more fabulous outcasts and creative thinkers – people who can’t stand insufferable, office morning teas ANYMORE! People who have a great business idea, or just see that personal branding is the future, and need help to promote themselves. Those who recognise that content marketing IS THE WAY and that they’d really love some support to get them into a content marketing rhythm.

Alex will help you say “stuff that” to any of the messages in your head or from others about not being able to write – and write well and consistently about your business and self. She will help you see that the only thing stopping you from the success you desire is guarded by the gatekeeper of your inhibition to put yourself out there. And That Gatekeeper Is You.

Alex can support you to write your content. Content for marketing. Or she write on your behalf, but she’ll use your voice and ideas as much as possible.


“I’ve always written stories, I strangely enjoy writing essays, and have always helped friends in writing anything they’ve needed “on the page.” But it wasn’t until I worked as a grants administrator at a local council (YAWN) assisting people to write successful grant applications that I realised I had a knack for professional communication. I dabbled by building some blogs and websites for small ventures in formative years and developed a keen understanding of how to reach the media and key audiences through words, imagery, and social media platforms.

“I studied Arts Administration and Management and now I teach about business in the Arts, and Creative research, and I’ve been developing experience as an “authentic brands communicator and elixir” for eight years and counting. I am currently studying towards a Ph.D. in the area of recruitment to art museums and galleries. I also love to paint and garden and bike-ride and travel and read and eat super delicious cultural foods!

I’m a mixed bag, really! And that makes me a better coach & writer!

I haven’t always been a wiz at writing and English. That might come as a shock seeing though my livelihood now centres around words. You can read more about my story here. Remember how I said I failed English at high school? Yep!

I now live and breathe words, stories, communication, and writing. I love helping people write what their heart wants to, but cannot due to lack of time, focus and confidence with expression. In the Visibility Coaching program I help people write websites, blog posts, eBooks, manuscripts and e-newsletters. I also love art and design and can work my way around building graphics, a website and setting up social media platforms. I’m also a trained editor and proofreader!

I love working with passionate people who believe that collaboration edifies the human spirit.

Coaching people to find their voice and message to send to the world if just so effing brilliant.

My philosophy with coaching, writing, research and editing:

  • Stories move us and don’t need to be stuck in fairy land – they belong in business writing too!
  • Writing is about expressing and communicating ideas, and editing and proofreading work to support that goal,
  • That everyone needs writey-slash-word assistance – even writers and editors!
  • A typo or writing mistake doesn’t mean you’re dim-witted,
  • A fresh set of eyes coupled with respect and good will is always welcome,
  • Projects with written elements are best done in collaboration and,
  • Machines cannot save you from all writing errors!”

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Photos by Dianne Purnell Photography



History //

Tertiary Education

  • Professional Editing and Proofreading
  • Master of Art Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts (Art History and Screen Cultures and English Text and Writing)

Experience in

  • Website copy // development and maintenance.
  • Blogging and eNewsletters // set up, copywriting and reviewing.
  • Magazine publication // editorial.
  • Report writing // government and not-for-profit.
  • Grant writing // Research and Arts focus.
  • Research Design // Surveys and Interviews.
  • Email management // government, small business, and NGOs.
  • Database development // Research and directories
  • Arts Writing // reviews, criticism, essays.
  • English Literature // essay, criticism, speech, presentations.


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