Alex Christopher { Writes } offers one-on-one consultations to help businesses close the gap between them and their audiences using strategic communications. Currently working in the publishing sector, Alex offers limited sessions for the right clients, in person or online. 

If you’re a value-driven business, are an artist, writer or arts organisation, you are trying to save the planet or support a good group of people, then we will probably work well together.

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Alex Christopher has experience covering academic research, the arts, tertiary education, government administration and small business.

Her love of words, her artistic eye, and knowledge of research, business principles and audiences, brings a vibrant, rounded communications experience to your project. Alex has been a higher education teacher for seven years and seeks to impart valuable skills to assist businesses long term. The goal is to help you feel abundantly confident in what you do and how you say what you do.

Alex Christopher { Writes } is physically located in Sydney, Australia, yet can teleport (to a point) using the Internet and mechanical wings where required.