Finding clarity for promoting your business is so much easier said than done.

We can spend hours and hours getting to know our purpose and focus…. and then more and more time getting acquainted with our ideal client. We can visualise how many clients we want and we can have a financial goal in mind for how much we’d like to be making.

We can work on our limiting beliefs and come to realise we are worth $120++ an hour and we can comfortably say out loud that we know what direction we are going in! (Fist pump!)

All of that business and personal development ground work is so important for getting to a stage where we are ready to see droves of clients fly in the door.

But are they? After all that work are your clients knocking down your door day and night?

If not, never fear. In the words of Marie Forleo’s mum, “Everything is figure outable.”

But how do we do that?

To find clarity in our promotional messages, we need to have each foot in a different camp. We need to tap into both our purpose and also reach out to our dream clients. We need to find the sweet spot for what we offer alongside what our clients are facing. That is, what we can offer them to ease their pain or enhance their pleasure. Essentially, we need to find the words that bridge the gap between us and those people who need our help.

And how do we reach out?

Via Facebook connections, blog posts, being guest speakers at business events, and in everyday conversations. We put ourselves out there alongside a sharply focused set of promotional wording.

The common denominator in all of that is words: presenting yourself with clarity, using carefully selected lines and messages.

But here’s the catch! Words that translate into sales don’t come from simply knowing who we are and what we want, they come with combining that with the deepest needs of our potential clients. We essentially have to juggle the needs of two people in one.

On our own, finding that sweet spot is so damn hard.
I’m a copywriter and I can’t even do it solo every time.

I often employ others to help me clarify what I’m saying in my promotional messaging. And over time, I have become much more free flowing in writing to my audience.

I reach out to others to help me and I reach out to others to help them with their words.

What I offer is a program sharing knowledge on how to harness all of your super powers and dreams, and zone in on not just a general sense of an ideal client, but a deeply personal understanding of what you offer that can help them with a very specific issue they are facing.

I help people bridge the gap between their business and their clients.

Using words.

Why words?

Because they’re powerful, they are emotive and they resonate.

Excellent words convert into sales more than any other promotional thing.

So if you have worked on what your business is all about, and you have somewhat of an idea of who your clients are… then why not allow me to help you find a clear message that bridges, reaches and engages them?

Click here to learn more about my Visibility Coaching program, which helps you find the right words to get your ideal clients running to you.


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